About the Cover

…..  During one cool fall morning when she took a break during the children’s recess to hang clothes out to dry,  she noticed a big coyote hanging around not far from the house. Motioning to the kids to quietly go back into the house, she whispered to  them, “You see that  coyote out there?   It’s not natural for him to be loitering here, so be quiet and still cause I’m going to try to shoot him.”

She had never shot any weapon before, but she gently lifted Papa’s Winchester 30-30 off the pegs and quietly chambered a round. It was a sunny day and the coyote stood broadside. She rested the barrel of the gun on the window sill, lined up the iron sights on the coyote’s chest, and squeezed  the trigger. The rifle exploded in her hands as the coyote collapsed where he stood.  The awed and quiet group of children quickly started whooping and hollering in delight and excitement.  Kate was a little dazed and surprised that she had actually shot a coyote, but she soon joined the celebration.         Soon after, Mom started singing, “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf….”.

The whole house began to roar in unison, “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf….”.

After things settled down, Kate and all the kids inspected the dead coyote a little more closely,  put it on a sled and drug it back to the house.  She then gave the kids an assignment to keep them busy while she proceeded to carefully skin the dead animal, something she had never done before.

We can only imagine Papa’s astonishment when he arrived home that day, saw the dead coyote and heard the story told over and over again by his excited children.   Afterwards, he had the pelt processed into a nice fur piece for Kate to wear around her shoulders during the cold winters.  She enjoyed wearing the pelt and it became very dear to her.


Kate wearing the wolf.