The Thundering Herd

The Thundering Herd: Farm Life in the 1950's and 60's; Looking through the lens of duty in Vietnam

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A Memoir by John E Peltier

A Memoir by John E Peltier

These stories begin with brief family histories that bring the Peltier and the Scottish Keillor families together.

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Conversations Award- Best Regional Book of the Year
Richard Boes Award - Best Debut Book by a veteran

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ReaderViews Awards for The Thundering Herd
2017 New Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist

2017 New Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist

The Thundering Herd was selected as a finalist for a 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Award for MEMOIRS (Historical/Legacy/Career)!

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What People Are Saying about The Thundering Herd

  • The Thundering Herd is a fascinating, timeless, true story of pioneering spirt and spiritual triumph. Tracking the Peltier family from original roots to their current Patriarch captures a vivid portrayal of Americana, Texana and what it means to be a self- sufficient individual, part of a larger family and ultimately a caring Christian, grateful to God for what experience has revealed. Originally from France and Scotland, the family forbearers spent time in the Midwest, Utah and finally the Texas Gulf Coast. We learn the remote self-sufficiency required to homestead a plot of land in Utah – land that is still held by the family today. Instead of the common routine of today -Mom playing with cards or Legos with her small children during the day, while dad is off at work, the matriarch of the family back then took aim at the coyote from the kitchen window, wagering with the kiddos if she could hit mark which she did. The reward, in addition to the adulation of the family, was a nice pelt able to be worn with nice fashion. Migrating to Texas, cattle and rice farming formed the background of experiences for John Peltier that so many can relate to growing up in the latter half of the twentieth century. Replete with wonderful stories of high school love interests, pranks and typical hard knock learning experiences, it’s hard not to be entertained and empathetic with each family member described as well as their friends. Leaving the Gulf Coast of Texas to be a Corpsman in Vietnam would open a much wider world to John Peltier. Carefully describing family background for John Peltier is certainly a goal achieved to memorialize wonderful history for the family…

    Bill Cathriner
  • This is a delightful, uplifting read. If you love America you will love this book. This family personifies the hard work, faith, ideals and ethics that made America great. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about John Peltier’s life and my book club has chosen this book for the coming year.

    Lydia Dudley
  • I love true stories! And reading THE THUNDERING HERD was so fun and brought back so many memories of the summers I spent with my grandparents on their farm. Mr. Peltier describes things in such detail that it brings it to life right before your eyes! I read the part about handling the calves to my husband, who at one time my grandfather put him through the same test. When my husband got through that day with the calves, he had so much blood on him that when he came dragging up to the house, it actually frightened me. I thought he was injured. He got a shower and proceeded to collapse into a dead sleep. Pure, well earned exhaustion. The 1950’s and ’60’s were not an easy time but they were the best of times. I wouldn’t trade growing up in those times for anything, as I am sure Mr. Peltier wouldn’t either. Thanks for the great read Mr. Peltier! Hope there will be more in the future.

    Kathy Leftwich
About the Cover Picture

About the Cover Picture

..... During one cool fall morning when she took a break during the children’s recess to hang clothes out to dry, she noticed a big coyote hanging around not far from the house. Motioning to the kids to quietly go back into the house, she whispered to them, “You see that coyote out there? It's not natural for him to be loitering here, so be quiet and still cause I'm going to try to shoot him."

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ReaderViews Review

“The Thundering Herd” is an awe-inspiring memoir looking through the eyes of John E. Peltier growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. Peltier, the fifth of twelve children, grew up in an era where family values, hard work, dedication to God were the norm.

Peltier provides background information on his family history with humorous and often sad stories of life as it was then. Not many readers today can say they experienced life trying to raise a family on rice fields or cattle. Each family member had a job to do, and it was done without question. Often, times were hard with little or no money coming in, so the family packed up and moved to better conditions. Education was very important to this family, and regardless of how many miles away it was, you walked to get to school. The only time they were absent was during harvest time.

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ReaderViews Review

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About the Author

About the Author

John E. Peltier is now retired from a successful career in construction and lives in Tomball, Texas, with his wife. He is the father of three children and ten grandchildren. He still raises cattle and gives much back to his community. Sam Houston State University recognized him as one of their 2015 distinguished alumni.